Group Classes

Sessions are available in my studio and online using Skype. They're all booked using the MyZone app with a rolling weekly timetable available.

Click the link to join me on Skype - Skype connection

Any changes to the timetable will be posted on social media or my newsletter.

1 credit = £1

Credits can be topped up between £1 to £50. 

Monday 8-8:30am 

Tuesday 6:45-7:15pm

3 credits studio

2 credits online

each sessions has a dedicated time for hitting those legs, bums and tums.

Tuesday & Thursday at 10:30-11:30am

4 credits studio

3 credits online

A dedicated time to practice those exercises you struggle with, earn extra MEPs or just enjoy a workout.

Friday at 5:30-6pm

3 credits studio

2 credits online

8 sets of 20 seconds high intensity exercise with 10 seconds recovery.

Repeat 4 times and you're done!

Monday 5:30-6pm

Friday 8-8:30am

3 credits studio

2 credits online

30 seconds Cardio

30 seconds Resistance

30 seconds Dynamic Stretching

Simple & effective!

Wednesday 6:45-7:30pm

4 credits studio

3 credits online

Get ready for a different style circuit each week. The session will be adapted online to match your available fitness equipment.

24/7 access


Checkout my YouTube Channel for loads of exercises to do at home. Individual exercises or mini workouts.

Monday 6:15-6:45pm



3 credits studio

2 credits online

60 seconds Cardio to get your heart pumping into 60 seconds controlled core exercises.

Thursday 7:7:30pm

3 credits studio

2 credits online

Every Minute On the Minute

A challenging and different workout pushing you every minute of the session.



Full workout videos will be available on Patreon. I'm just figuring out the small details and will get it up and running as soon as possible.


MZ Book

Download the free MyZone app from the Apple app store or Google Play store on android. 

You will need my facility code and a belt ID.

Facility Code - AFPTUK001

Belt ID - 000000

If you have a MyZone belt then your Belt ID is the serial number of the MZ-3 or MZ-1.


Reward Card

You can earn reward card stamps attending sessions in my studio or online. Check out the reward card page for full details. 


Contact Me

Text - 07999844559     Email -​