Exercise Classes

All classes are limited in number and are bookable via the MyZone app.

The app has a weekly rolling timetable so any variations to sessions on a weekly basis will be visible on there and on the newsletter sent on the 28th of each month.

1 credit = £1

Credits can be topped up between £1 to £50. 

Monday 5:30-6pm

3 credits

30 seconds back to back of Weights, Cardio and Stretching. A powerful way to start your week.

Tuesday 6:10-6:55pm

4 credits

A nice session of dynamic & static stretching along with foam rolling, mobility drills and more.

Friday 5:30-6pm

3 credits

8 sets of 20 seconds high intensity exercise with 10 seconds recovery.

Repeat 4 times and you're done! De-stress ready for the weekend.

Monday 6:05-7pm and  7:05-8pm

4 credits

A 50/50 mix of pulse raising cardio exercises with controlled core exercises.

Wednesday 6:45-7pm

1 credit

15 minutes of intense weights focusing on upper body to add top up pre/post full group sessions.

Friday 5:30-6pm

2 credits

MyZone Belt Required

Each week will be a different Zone Match challenge.

Wednesday 6:45-7pm

1 credit

Log your weight, height, BMI, body fat %, muscle mass, visceral fat.

Wednesday 7:05-8pm

4 credits

A full body workout adaptable for all abilities using different equipment each week.

Currently held on the Gymnastic sprung flooring!

Tuesday 7-7:45pm

4 credits

Bring a drink and a towel, none stop cardio using all my different cardio equipment.

Thursday 7-7:45pm

4 credits

Every Minutes On the Minute beat the clock to stay in the workout. Finish your reps before the minutes up to grab a drink before you go again.


MZ Book

Download the free MyZone app from the Apple app store or Google Play store on android. 

You will need my facility code and a belt ID.

Facility Code - AFPTUK001

Belt ID - 000000

If you have a MyZone belt then your Belt ID is the serial number of the MZ-3 or MZ-1.


Reward Card

How to earn stamps

All group sessions = 1 stamp

A block of 12 sessions = 1 fully stamped card

A block of 26 sessions = 2 fully stamped cards

Training Rewarded Events = 3 stamps

Completed Treasure Trails = 1 stamp

What Can I do with a full Reward Card?

Claim one of the following -

- 4 MyZone Credits for Group Classes

- A free Ilson Glowsticks Mug

- A free Ilson Glowsticks T-shirt or Vest

- Try to win a prize.


Contact Me

Text - 07999844559     Email - adam.fretwellpt@gmail.com​