Fitness Family

From day one there's been a brilliant family atmosphere at every training session. It has always been more than just a exercise! It's a chance to socialise, de-stress, support each other, and have a real good laugh. We aren't just gym members known by a number, we are a fitness family!

On the 1st March 2015 12 of us entered our first group event BlackLight Run at Donnington Park and we needed a team name to get valuable discount. The name was suggested with "Ilson" being the local slang for Ilkeston and "Glowsticks" because we had glowsticks to illuminate us along the run.

The name has stuck with us ever since.




To ensure you enjoy your health and fitness journey as fun as possible. 

To always have a laugh no matter what session it is. 

Make sure there's always time for a chat with your new Fitness Friends and family!


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