Fitness Family


From day one there's been a brilliant family atmosphere at every training session. It has always been more than just a exercise!


It's a chance to socialise, de-stress, support each other, and have a real good laugh.


We're more than gym members, we are a fitness family!


On the 1st March 2015 12 of us entered our first group event BlackLight Run at Donnington Park and we needed a team name.


The name suggested was "Ilson Glowsticks" being the local slang for Ilkeston and the fact it was a neon run.


Since 2015 a lot has changed! 
Our Fitness Family has expanded much further than I ever imagined! With clients from London to Edinburgh.

So welcome to



To ensure you enjoy your health and fitness journey as fun as possible.

Make sure there's always time for a chat with your Fitness Family!

To always have a laugh no matter hard the session is.

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