Patreon provides another way of exercise interaction and fitness family connection. 

With private polls for Patrons to vote which workout videos they would like it's a fully interactive on demand exercise platform.

Tiers are prices from £2 to £45 per month with a host of monthly goodies and workouts ready for you to access. 

Checkout the different monthly tiers available below.


Patron Tiers


- Good Karma

- Exclusive Patron-only Posts & Newsletters

- Patreon Shout-outs

- Exclusive Voting Power


Everything in Bronze, Silver and Gold Plus -

- A Workout Logbook

- A Treasure Trail or Training Rewarded Event Every Month


Everything in Bronze Plus -

- New 20-30 minute Workout Videos Every Month


Everything in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Plus - 

- Fitness Family T-Shirt or Vest Every Month.


Everything in Bronze & Silver Plus -

- Behind The Scenes Workout Videos (ZoneMatch, Challenges)


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