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Affiliate Brands

It's a very weird time for everybody, but if you shop at any of these places you can earn me money by doing your usual shop.

At this moment in time every penny really does make a difference. Obviously don't buy things for the sake of it but there's a load of different brands from the expected fitness clothing, protein to audio books and birthday present ideas.

Thank you for looking Fitness Family


Cost to you £0.00 - sign up for a free 1 month trial, get a free audio book and I earn £4.

Affiliate Link

My Protein

I earn 10% of your purchase as commission.

Affiliate Link


I earn 10% commission on all purchases that you get 50% off all products.

Affiliate Link

My Vitamins

Top up your vitamins and minerals I earn -18% commission for new customers and 8% commission for returning customers.

Affiliate Link

Discount Supplements

I earn 6% commission on your basket total. Brands such as PhD, High5, Grenade and more.

Affiliate Link

LSW Mind Cards

10% commission on all purchases with different meditation and relaxation downloads.

Affiliate Link

Ordnance Survey

Around 10% commission depending on items. From Walking/Running/Cycling GPS to maps and more.

Affiliate Link


From human scales to suitcase and food scales there's a mixture of high quality products. 7% commission on any purchase.

Affiliate Link

All Outdoors

Up to 5% commission with a huge selection of items for once you can get back outdoors again. Fingers crossed for a nice Autumn.

Affiliate Link

Go Outdoors

New Customers 5% / Existing Customers 3%, again with a huge selection of outdoor items.

Affiliate Link

I Want One Of Those

Between 1-6% commission depending what you buy. I've had some bargains from there already with Harry Potter T-shirts and Socks.

Affiliate Link

Day Long

Up to 10% commission on products including different supports and braces.

Affiliate Link


Offer: 20 craft beers plus 2 FREE tasting glasses, exclusive magazine and artisan snack for £25 + FREE delivery (worth over £70!) Code: AFF192019

I earn 5% commission on your drinks. This is usually used for Christmas presents but I'm willing to let you lot in on this as a one off.

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