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April Challenge

Updated: 6 days ago

Hey Fitness Family, welcome to April Bingo. There's going to be loads of mini challenges in April to claim a full house or BINGO! From 15 minute AMRAPs to Step Counts, Running to Social Media. The bingo card has 25 spaces to fill, how many will you manage?

Those who take part will be send a photo bingo card to add your results as you go. Then send it back at the end of the month, or when you've achieved BINGO!

There will be 5 AMRAPs to take on over the month which will be posted on here and you have 72 hours to take them on. It will also have the date the following workout will be released. The 1st AMRAP will be on here Saturday 3rd April and you until the 5th to take it on.

AMRAP 1 - Cardio! - Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd

Star Jumps - 50 reps

High Knees - 50 reps (each leg)

Heel Flicks - 50 reps (each leg)

AMRAP 2 - Body Weight - Friday 9rd April to Sunday 11th

Plié Squats - 20 reps

Press Ups - 20 reps

Ab Curls - 20 reps

AMRAP 3 will be on here Friday 16th and you have until Sunday 18th to try it.

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