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Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Training Rewarded Deals

The following discount codes have limited numbers so get using them. 50% off Training Rewarded events can be used 5 times then its done! 40% off can be used 10 times, and 30% off 20 times.

50% off using code - BF50%

40% off using code - BF40%

30% off using code - BF30% Follow the link below to all the Training Rewarded events and enjoy taking your training to the next level.

Discount codes valid until fully used or midnight 27/11/2022, must be used to order events via my website on the link above or the APFT Fit by Wix app.

Offers extended until the end of November 2022.



I have 4 MyZone MZ-3 activity trackers in stock, their rrp is £129.99 with the AFPT discount they're £79.99.

Until midnight 27/11/2022 they're available for £60.00

Message me if you would like your name putting down for one, once all four are gone they're gone. A fantastic Christmas present for a family member or friend to help them track their exercise effort and compete against each other.


Cyber Monday Offers?

Keep an eye out on Monday for discount on AFPT T-shirts, Vests & Hoodies plus discounts on Treasure Trails.

The following discount code will give you 20% off your AFPT Tshirts, Vest & Hoodies and will expire at the end of the month - MERCH20%

25% off Treasure Trails with - TT25%


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