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Challenge Timetable

Hello Fitness Family, here's the rest of the challenges coming up this year. All challenges are joined by booking the challenge class on MyZone. It will be on the timetable at 8pm on the 25th of every month. If you book on 25th July you're joining the August Challenge, 25th August to join the September Challenge, etc.

July - MEPs

The challenge has sparked into action after a few people had bugs at the start of the month. It's all about collecting those MEPs in Blue, Green, Yellow and Red.

August - MEPs (July part 2)

The 2nd part of the July/August Challenge and a brand new MyZone Match Competition.

August - MyZone Match If you take part the rules are simple to follow but the challenge is far from easy! You have August to take on as many MyZone Match workouts as possible (Fitness Test Excluded).

- Chaos Theory you need 90% and above zone match to earn a raffle ticket

- Any other (not fitness test) 98% and above zone match to earn a raffle ticket

September - Step Challenge

Information to follow soon.

October - Running Challenge

Information to follow soon.

November - Bingo Game

Information to follow soon.

December - Advent calender

Information to follow soon.

If you've got any questions let me know.

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