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Euro 2024 Competition

Euro 2024 starts a week today with Germany v Scotland.

There are 24 teams in the tournament and some fantastic matches lined up.

I'm looking for 12 clients to join a little Euro Sweepstake. Everybody will get two teams, one good and one not so good.

Entry = £5

Winner Prize = £20

Runner Up Prize = £10

Charity = £6 each for -

Alzheimer's Society, Cancer Research, Mind, Miscarriage Association & Treetops Hospice

I've divided the teams in the tournament into two groups, Pool A and Pool B. You will get a team from each pool so everybody has a "better" team and an underdog team.

Pool A - Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Denmark, England, Netherlands, France, Ukraine, Belgium, Portugal, Czechia.

Pool B - Scotland, Hungary, Croatia, Albania, Slovenia, Serbia, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Georgia, Türkiye.

If there's enough interest I will do two separate competitions, but for now lets get 12 people signed up and the teams drawn.


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