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February Bingo - THE RESULTS

I hope you all enjoyed the big facility wide bingo game in February. I know you've all worked hard and some of you really pushed yourselves out of your comfort zone to get a few extra fitness points for you team.

If you wanted a recap of the teams and rules click the image and it will take you to the page.

There were some really impressive performances over the month; a client running their first 10km, people swimming a mile who aren't massive fans, going the next level on MEPs for the month and more. One individual finished by contributing 23 points to their team, it would have been 24 out of a possible 25 if it hadn't been for a little misdemeanour. So the First Grade Clothing bobble hat goes to Andy for the highest individual score.

It's time to see how your team did.

4th place Team 2

55 points

-4 misdemeanour

51 points

3rd place Team 4

59 points

-3 misdemeanour

56 points

2nd place Team 1

62 points

-1 misdemeanour

61 points

1st place Team 3

87 points

-5 misdemeanour

82 points

Congratulations to everybody who took part and the winners

Sam S - Mark F - Lexie - Tricia - Sian - Lauren - Jack

Emily - Sam R - Dave S - Sam E - Trev - Aimie and 7


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