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February Health & Fitness Challenge

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Welcome to your February Health & Fitness Challenge. There are two exercise focused challenges to repeat each week to see if you can improve your score. Then a big fruit & veg challenge.

Hopefully you can download the pdf to print at home or screenshot the image so you're ready to go.

February Challenge
Download PDF • 3.59MB


Hopefully you've all seen your mini-league MyZone challenge for February.

I've split you into 3 groups so you've really got to earn those MEPs to finish in the prize spots.

If you top your mini-league you get 3 credits, 2nd place gets 2 credits and 3rd place get 1 credit.

Have a look on your app to see who you're competing against this month.


January Challenge Results

MyZone Challenge - We reached 71,507 MEPs hitting the modified 70,000 MEP target so a big congratulations. The top 5 are MicHeato, Mell, The Wall, Linno, AFPT. 3 credits have been added you your accounts for a free group class.

Health & Fitness Challenge - There were some great results in January, coming out top was Shirley with a 23 out of 25. 3 credits


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