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Food Friday No.12

Hello and welcome back to #FoodFriday

It's Friday, it's been a weird week again, 5 weeks in a row that just haven't been normal. So here's a few recipes for you to try out and hopefully some simple tips to keep you focused while working from home.

- Banana Brownies

- Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 3 ways

- How to fuel you focus while working from home

Check out all the information below.


Banana Brownies

“Move over banana bread, it’s time to take things to the next level. Our kitchen king, Niall Kirkland, is here to help us break loose from the crowd by showing us this incredible new use for all those ripe bananas. Yeah, banana bread is good, but have you ever tried banana brownies? These aren’t just any old brownies either — they’re peanut butter brownies. If that’s not enough to get you excited, we don’t know what is.” Lauren Dawes


Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 3 ways

“Looking for a quick & filling lunch while you’re working from home? We got you. Niall Kirkland is back and this time he’s serving up a super-delicious go-to for your weekday lunches — all three of his stuffed sweet potatoes look incredible, and they’re all made using everyday ingredients we’re sure you’ve got in your cupboards. Because now definitely isn’t the time to be searching for something obscure in the supermarket aisles, right? Whether you’re in the mood for Mexican or just want the comforting classic that is tuna mayo, there’s something here for everyone to look forward to in their next lunch break.” Lauren Dawes


How to fuel your focus while working from home

“Spent all day sat on your phone, barely glancing at your emails. There’s no doubt that the current working from home situation will be getting to a lot of us and meaning our productivity is well below par. To save you flushing away your career when things are crazy enough as it is, we’ve decided to help you get the brain boost you need to re-focus and get stuff done.” Jamie wright


If there's any specific information you would like let me know and I will find as much as I can for you.


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