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July & August MEPs Challenge

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Hello Fitness Family, here's your next fitness challenge and it's split over the next two months. All you need to do to get involved is jump onto the MyZone app and book the "July & August MEP's Challenge" class on Sunday 27th July. Act fast as entry closes at lunchtime on Sunday. Everybody who is involved will be included in the Challenge chat on Discord and you will recieve a challenge invitiation on MyZone.

If you're not on Discord yet click the link below to join out Fitness Family Forum 👇

What's the challenge about?

In July it's simple - earn as many MEPs as possible in Blue, Green, Yellow & Red Zones. Who ever is top of the Challenge leader board at the end of the month will receive a little prize.

If you want to get involved and don't currently have a MyZone MZ-1, MZ-3 or Switch let me know as there are a few 2nd hand MZ-3s clients are happy to loan out or give away during the competition.

What's the 2nd part of the challenge in August? You will have to wait and see! I will update this blog at the end of July with the MEPs results and let you all know what August is all about.

- A minimum of 1300 MEPs is needed per month to be eligible for a prize.


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