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March Challenge - Updates

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Hey fitness family,

Welcome to the March challenge updates blog. Hopefully these challenges keep you motivated and energised this month.

Check out the league table for the step challenge and the tick list for the running challenge below.


March Step Challenge

This is a Monday to Friday step count challenge. You Win, Lose or Draw depending on your steps each day. 0-4999 Steps = Loss - 0 points

5000 - 9999 Steps = Draw - 1 point

10000-14999 Steps = Win - 3 points 20000+ Steps = +1 Bonus Point

Week 1 Standings

Some great results in there and a handful of bonus points.

Keep on stepping!

Week 2 Standings

10 fixtures down, 13 fixutres (days left) how many win and bonus points will you pick up?

Week 3 Standings

A few blips during week 2-3 with Covid-19 isolation costing one team and a few Garmin issues with steps not tracking. Apart from that you're all doing so well, it's great to hear these little challenges are getting you walking and running more than previous months.

Week 4 Standings

Another week full of huge steps!

I'm so pleased this simple challenge is really doing the job and encouraging you to get up and walk around helping to break up your day.

The final standings

Congratulations AK United - Anna on topping the table.

It's been a great month of steps, clocking more than previous months. Even with Covid induced isolation periods & broken Garmins.

Congratulations everybody.

I've already had a request for this challenge to return so keen an eye out because this challenge will return later in the year.


March Running Challenge

During March how many of these 10 Runs and Jeffs will be completed? - 5km run

- 5km run

- 10km run

- 10 miler run

- Half marathon run

- 5km Jeff (1 min run, 30 sec walk)

- 5km Jeff (2 min run, 30 sec walk)

- 5km Jeff (3 min run, 30 sec walk)

- 10km Jeff (3 min run, 1 min walk) - 10km Jeff (4 min run, 1 min walk)

Runs completed so far 👇

40 of 60 runs completed in the month! Great going team! I know you ran a lot more than the table shows, with Sarah actually running a Marathon for her Half Marathon distance!!!!

I hope you enjoyed adding Jeffing into your runs, I know I really enjoyed yhe 5km Jeffs I managed to squeeze into my weekends.


During this challenge the following Training Rewarded Events are eligible to sign up for:-

- Bronze Goddess

- Silver Goddess

- Gold Goddess

- Nutbrook 10k

- Top Running

- Night 10k

Click the logo to sign up to any of the events on my online shop 👉

Earn yourself some fitness bling to remember your adventures.


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