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March Challenges

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Hey fitness family,

After the success of the challenges so far this year I've got two challenges in March. You can join one or both of them to give yourself motivation during the month.

Send me a message with which challenge(s) you would like to participate in. Everybody taking part in the challenges can be added to the Discord Challenge chatroom for the month.


March Step Challenge

This is a Monday to Friday step count challenge. You Win, Lose or Draw depending on your steps each day. 0-4999 Steps = Loss - 0 points

5000 - 9999 Steps = Draw - 1 point

10000-14999 Steps = Win - 3 points 20000+ Steps = +1 Bonus Point

You will all be given a random sports name for the challenge and I will update the results every Sunday in a football style table.

All you need to do is message me your daily step count (Mon-Fri) on Saturday and I do the rest.

Example - this week would have earned the following points for Milkybar United. Monday - 3

Tuesday - 3+1

Wednesday - 3+1

Thursday - 3

Friday - 3 17 points from 5 wins with 2 bonus points.


March Running Challenge

During March how many of the 10 Runs and Jeffs can you complete? 2 x 5km run

1 x 10km run

1 x 10 miler run

1 x Half marathon run

1 x 5km Jeff (1 min run, 30 sec walk)

1 x 5km Jeff (2 min run, 30 sec walk)

1 x 5km Jeff (3 min run, 30 sec walk)

1 x 10km Jeff (3 min run, 1 min walk) 1 x 10km Jeff (4 min run, 1 min walk)

Ensure you warm up correctly, follow all social distancing guidelines, go at a pace that's right for you, cool down and stretch correctly. Most importantly enjoy it. If you've got any questions let me know. Once you've finished one of the above send me your screenshot from Strava etc and I can tick it off your to do list for the month.


During this challenge the following Training Rewarded Events are eligible to sign up for:-

- Bronze Goddess

- Silver Goddess

- Gold Goddess

- Nutbrook 10k

- Top Running

- Night 10k

Click the logo to sign up to any of the events on my online shop 👉

Earn yourself some fitness bling to remember your adventures.

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