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Medal Monday No.12

Hello Medal Monday, this week is a MyZone special.

Julie has smashed it again!

3 MyZone Status upgrades already this month!


Inca Trail Marathon

Julie took on the challenge and destroyed it! Earning loads of MEPs, burning hundred/thousands of calories and she can now sit back and enjoy the medal she earned! Those who follow her on Instagram have been giving her medal photo some well deserved likes. It's a monster medal for a great virtual marathon done on the Skierg, Rower and Cross Trainer.


MyZone Status Upgrades

Three people have moved status so far this month and there's one or two more to follow.

TruckerP - Gold

MagTow - Gold

Mark F - Platinum Club

Keep working hard, enjoying your exercise and your rewards will follow.


Check out the - Wall of Fame see who's achieved which Training Rewarded medals.

Who's going to take on the next Training Rewarded challenge to keep yourself motivated and driving to improve your fitness levels?


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