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Medal Monday No.13

Hello Medal Monday and this weeks there's some cracking medals!

May Anyway Medal

Training Rewarded Finisher!


May Anyway

Danny walked 220km during May to replace two cancelled events due to Covid-19 to earn his Action Challenge #MayAnywayChallenge medal. It won't be long until his next Medal Monday appearance with his #BoostItForJune as he's well on is was to the 300km target for the month. Over May and June the 520km+ is like walking in a straight line from London to Edinburgh!


Training Rewarded - Finisher

Sian completed the Training Rewarded Finisher challenge over the weekend. That's 100km running during the month which she achieved in 21 days!

Jo & Co socially distanced the km with Sian over the weekend. Taking on the Places of Worship Challenge from last weeks Workout Wednesday blog and then a half marathon the finish the weekend.

I've been informed there was a fantastic sprint finish in the style of Anneka Rice during the Places or Worship Challenge and plenty of hills during the half marathon, the rest of the 100km were from loads of trail runs exploring new routes.

Sian has now taken her place on the


Which Training Rewarded challenge are you going to try?


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