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Medal Monday No.15

Welcome back to Medal Monday, this week Sian and Jo 7 get all the plaudits!

They took on the Maverick Races 50k virtual race in June and it's one sweet looking medal they've earned.


It's a brilliant wooden medal!

It looks so nice and it's something really different to dd to the medal collection they both already have.

To earn this bad boy they had to run 50km in a week and they both did it and more! As you would expect from the two trail runners who enjoy nothing more than getting their trainers on and seeing where their legs take them.

They've both had a few medal features already this year and I don't expect this to be their last.

Keep on clocking up those miles ladies, you're on fire.


Fingers crossed next week I will have another amazing Toy Story medal to share with you.

Once your medals arrive in your letter box let me know and I can put you on the next Medal Monday.


Which Training Rewarded challenge are you going to try?

Check out the Wall of Fame to see what your friends have achieved.

Don't forget to send me your medal selfies so I can share your fitness achievements.


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