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Medal Monday No.19

Two great achievements this Medal Monday to tell you about.

- Danny and the Chiltern

- Rob and the Equinox 24


- Ghost Run

Don't forget to send me your medal selfies and stories to feature in the blogs.


Danny and the Chiltern

The Action Challenge season eventually managed to start and finish with their one event for 2020 thanks to all things covid-19. A huge well done to Danny as he took around 2 hours off his previous time over the distance which shows all his lock-down walking definitely paid off. It's a cracking medal and a good bench mark set for 2021 to go again with hopefully a few more Covid secure events once things begin to improve.


Rob and the Equinox 24

24 hours, run as far as possible!

Rob split it over 3 runs in the 24 hours.

Run 1 - 10.75km

Run 2 - 10.87km

Run 3 - 21.83km

Taking Rob over a Marathon within the 24 hours. I think the aching legs for a couple of days were worth it for the medal, especially the fact it's a spinner!


Ghost Run - Training Rewarded

It's almost time for the Training Rewarded Ghost Run medal to become available again.

Just 5 medals left in stock, meaning only 5 more spaces on the Training Rewarded Wall of Fame for this challenge.

With Halloween falling on a Saturday I can see this being a popular medal.

Objective - Run at least 5km on Halloween.

​Wall of Fame ​Selfie - Wearing a Witches Hat.

Price - Starting from £7.50


Which Training Rewarded challenge are you going to try?

Check out the Wall of Fame to see what your friends have achieved.

Don't forget to send me your medal selfies so I can share your fitness achievements.


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