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Medal Monday No.2

Welcome to 2020 Fitness Family. You're all absolutely smashing it to start the year which is amazing to see.

I've currently got three of you signed up on really good Training Rewarded Challenges, two taking on the 3000 MEPs for three Months in a row to kick start your year and one taking his running to the next level aiming for 1000km in the year.

I've changed around the charity aspect of Training Rewarded this year and rather than a 50p donation from your entry going to a specific charity depending on the month, you have the power this year. There are four charities to choose from when taking on an event and your can put your 50p in any of them:-

- Alzheimer's Society

- Cancer Research UK

- Erewash Valley Gymnastics Club

- Miscarriage Association

There will be some great new events coming this year too to give even more exercise options. So keep a look out for the newsletters and blogs in the coming months. Don't forget send me your post event selfies for a big #MedalMonday social media post. I've been catching up on the MyZone medals which I started giving out at AJKM when you hit 20,000 MEPs, 40,00 MEPs all the way to 100,000 MEPs. Before I order more medals so there's enough for everybody there's a form to put your name on if your wish to start collecting them. You've got until the end of the month (January 2020) to be involved. It might seem a lot to hit 100,000 MEPs but trust me you soon rack them up, I'm at 162,829 MEPs.


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