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Medal Monday No.21

A massive congratulations to Andy this week with his impressive Medal from the Virtual Manchester Marathon.

Smashing out his Marathon in just 3 hours 31 minutes and 27 seconds but he made one big mistake! He did all of this without his MyZone MZ-3 activity tracker on missing out on well over 600 MEPs which at the time would have placed him top of the facility leaderboard.

I think you will all agree it's a fantastic effort to go out and run the Marathon with no spectators, no support, no event atmosphere. Just yourself and motivation!

A very well deserved medal.


Ghost Run - Training Rewarded

It's almost time for the Training Rewarded Ghost Run medal to become available again.

Just 4 medals left in stock, meaning only 4 more spaces on the Training Rewarded Wall of Fame for this challenge.

With Halloween falling on a Saturday I can see this being a popular medal.

Objective - Run at least 5km on Halloween.

​Wall of Fame ​Selfie - Wearing a Witches Hat.

Price - Starting from £7.50


Which Training Rewarded challenge are you going to try?

Check out the Wall of Fame to see what your friends have achieved.

Don't forget to send me your medal selfies so I can share your fitness achievements.


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