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Medal Monday No.22

Two people took on and earned their Ghost Run Medals over the weekend.

Paul posted this horrifying photo and Christine captured a house made up for the spooky weekend.

Witches hats off to both of you, as the weather on Saturday was horrible! But that didn't stop you as you smashed out the 5km required for this challenge.

Both of their photos join the others on the Wall of Fame. There's a few more photos between now and the end of the year joining them once challenges have been completed.

Which medal will you earn next?



There's new Christmas and Easter Medals. Walking 1000km and cycling 1000km in a year medals. Plus a special medal for kids at a discounted price.

Due to a misprint on a medal there will be a kids (under 18s) challenge available. The aim is to walk and or cycle 1000km in a year to earn the medal. The medal is just £5 and 50% goes to charity.


Which Training Rewarded challenge are you going to try?

Check out the Wall of Fame to see what your friends have achieved.

Don't forget to send me your medal selfies so I can share your fitness achievements.


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