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Medal Monday No.23

This is a huge Medal Monday Thank You.

On my last Running Imp order I added 10 special neon 2020 medals. I loved the bright coloured rainbow style ribbon and medal as the rainbow was a huge part of the first lockdown as a thank you to the NHS and key workers.

I've had the back engraved with


Thank You

These medals are going to the 10 people who attended(booked) the most online sessions during lockdown 1. If it was HIIT, Legs Bums & Tums or the Brew & Chat sessions which really did keep me sane for all those months.

So the 10 lucky people who will be receiving this medal are........

- Andy Mc

- David

- Jeanette

- Lexie

- Rob

- Sam S

- Sarah

- Shirley

- Soph

- Tom

Once again, THANK YOU

The way you've all stuck by me and your health and fitness is amazing.

2020 has been a rocky year and it's looking like the final month and a half will be just as bizarre. We're all in this together as a big fitness family, if it's Skype workouts, Run Talk Run, Brew & Chat or face to face PT. I (We've) got your back!

So with that in mind keep an eye out for an even bigger Medal Monday post in December with this years Ilson Glowsticks 2020 Medals. There's 30 medals all bagged up ready to go, hopefully I can give them out in person or there's going to be a big post office trip to ensure you get them all before Christmas.

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