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Medal Monday No.25

Yes this is a Medal Monday post on a Wednesday, what can I say it's been a busy few weeks.

I've got 30 Ilson Glowsticks 2020 Medals to give out. This year it's been difficult to get a name to a medal so I've based it on attendance over the year, if it's been in my studio, outdoors, on Skype or with Patreon.

My aim is to get all medals distributed before Christmas, don't panic if you're currently not able to attend my studio as we can't do indoor group classes. Your medal should be on it's way with a Royal Mail Elf very soon. Thank you so much for your support this year, it's meant the world to me as it's kind of sucked having to constantly close my studio due to the lockdowns.

So the lucky 30 people are.........

AndyMc - Austin - Bammy - Bez - Butty! - Darbs - DaveScot - EmilyRee - HelenNix - Jeanettg - Jimmy - JulieS - KateHall - LexieNix - LouScatt - MangTow - MarkEdgl - Mark F - MsMoss - Nat - Ninooo - RobRoy - S - SamSmi - Shirley - Tips - TommyD - Tromby - TruckerP - Twista

Congratulations and thank you again for all your support in a very difficult year, you rock Fitness Family!


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