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Medal Monday No.4

The first proper #MedalMonday of 2020 and it goes to Rob. Earning the MedalMad 50km Eat Sleep Run Repeat event. He had all of 2020 to achieve the target but seeing as Rob smashed out 1000km+ last year it was always going to be a very quick challenge and it was done in January to kick start his running for the year.

Next week there will be a special MyZone Medal Monday blog. I've got a load of medals ready to give out for clients earning 20,000 MEPs all the way up to the top 100,000 MEPs. Keep working hard in and out of sessions and you will soon have the full set of 5 medals. Don't forget to check out the Training Rewarded medals available. There will be a Medal & Hoodie option coming very soon!


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