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Medal Monday No.6

All official events are cancelled so there's not too much to shout about this week. So I thought I would bring you some good news. I was saving two medals for a charity workout but they're needed now more than ever!

They're two exercise based Training Rewarded events. The medals are really cool, the exercises not so much! Full information below.


Up first the Survivor medal (I know slightly inappropriate name at the minute). To earn this medal you need to smash out the Spartan 500 workout.

This is a 500 Rep workout which is 10 laps of 5 exercises x 10 reps.

10 Reps - Burpees 10 Reps - Squat Jacks 10 Reps - Mt Climbers 10 Reps - Agility Dots 10 Reps - Jump Squats


The big one! To earn the Finisher medal you need to finish the Spartan 1000!!! This is a monster workout. You have to finish exercise 1 before you can move onto exercise 2, then 3 and 4.

100 Jumping Squats

200 Press Ups

300 Sit Ups

400 Burpees

It's not nice but it will burn the calories and earn a load of MEPs.


I will get a video done over the next couple of days for each of the above workouts to show you how the exercises are done.


All Training Rewarded Events have 4 price options

Event Event & Tshirt/Vest

£7.50 £17.00

Event, Tshirt/Vest & Mug Event & Hoodie

£25.00 £30.00


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