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Medal Monday No.7

A big Medal Monday congratulations to Julie and Sam.

At the start of the year they both signed up for the Training Rewarded MEP Smasher medal (the snazzy medal on the left). This challenge is to earn at least 3000 MEPs (MyZone Effort Points) a month for three months in a row. In a regular year this is a good challenge and can really push you month on month as the MyZone basic MEPs requirement is 1300, so 3000 is a big jump. However this isn't a regular year and none of us could have predicted what was coming. Aiming to get 3000 MEPs with all gyms & leisure centres closed, you're limited to a little walk or jog and life has been turned on it's head isn't easy.

However they have both smashed it with a couple of days left in the month.

A massive congratulations to you both, I'm really proud of how you have taken on the challenge and you really have earned the medals.

Who's going to take on the next Training Rewarded challenge to keep yourself motivated and driving to improve your fitness levels?


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