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Medal Monday No.8

There's a few shout outs this Medal Monday with a couple of clients earning their fitness bling during lock down and they both have more to come. Up first Danny took on the Easter 50 Challenge to replace some of the Action Challenge Ultra events he had planned for 2020 which have unfortunately but understandably been cancelled or postponed.

So over Easter Weekend Danny set out and did 50km walking while adhering to social distancing rules to achieve his goal. Check out his Instagram for the photos and video of his final 4km all in his garden.

I look forward to seeing the medal bling once it arrives for a future post. Plus keep an eye out on here for Danny to feature again as he's doing the "May Any Way Challenge" again replacing a few other events that had to be cancelled.


Up next is Jack who took on and smashed the Spartan 500 Training Rewarded event in his garden last week. This challenge is a 500 rep workout against the clock. 5 exercise for 10 sets of 10 reps of a real leg burner -

Burpees - Squat Jacks - Mountain Climbers - Agility Dots - Jump Squats 

Check of the Training Rewarded Wall of Fame to spot Jacks post workout selfie! There's loads of happy faces on there now with your fitness friends who've earned their space on there.

Check out the - Wall of Fame see who's achieved which medals.

Like Danny Jack will be back here as he's almost completed another Training Rewarded event. I will give you a little hint to what he might have been doing, Run Talk Run helped him find his feet and he's taking / taken it to the next level.

Who's going to take on the next Training Rewarded challenge to keep yourself motivated and driving to improve your fitness levels?


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