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Medal Monday No.9

Hello Medal Monday, there's been people working hard, medals arriving in the post and people signing up to virtual events to push their training to the next level.

- Virtual Action Challenge events

- Training Rewarded Smashed

- Training Rewarded completed before the medal has arrived!

- NHS heroes medal


In the last blog Danny had done his Easter 50 Challenge to replace some of the Action Challenge Ultra events he had been cancelled.

His medal has since arrived so see his Instagram below.

I look forward to seeing his next Action Challenge medal when it arrives.


Last month Jack took on the Spartan 500 and smashed it, last week Mark took on the Spartan 1000 and blasted it out in a fast time. Only Mark would have a cheesy grin after finishing 400 Burpees!

How many do you think he added Press ups or clapping along the way?


Andy has also managed to finish his Training Rewarded event reaching 2020 Miles Cycling in the year already. He's done it that fast due to places closing with Corona I haven't actually got his medal yet!


Last month I did a 5km run in the Garden which took over 300 lengths. The reasons for doing the run, see how long it would take to do a 5km in the garden and to earn the amazing Heroes medal from Virtual Runner to say Thank You to the NHS and key workers.

Time to get Lauren out running to earn our Lady and the Tramp medal from MedalMad and another one expected in the post over the next month or two.


Check out the - Wall of Fame see who's achieved which medals.

Who's going to take on the next Training Rewarded challenge to keep yourself motivated and driving to improve your fitness levels?


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