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Treasure Trail Adventure Weekend

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Bank Holiday Weekend

27th-29th August

How many different Treasure Trail locations will we complete over the weekend?

How do I join in the Adventure Day?

  • Message me to let me know you're taking part.

  • Get your Treasure Trail purchased (link below) or let me know which trail you would like ordering for the day.

Send me your best Treasure Trail Selfie for the certificate Wall of Fame.

Then on Tuesday 30th August I will post a blog with our success rate and trail locations completed over the weekend.

I'm doing one or two of my collection which will finish a whole city collection.

Check out my current stock levels on the link below including a few bargains with older stock reduced to £5.

If you haven't already seen on my social media posts we have a few brand new local Treasure Trails to take on -

  • Castle Donington - A Sticky Problem

  • Highfields Park & Nottingham Uni

  • Tissington A Hidden Village


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