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Workout Wednesday No.10

Welcome back to #WorkoutWednesday

Keep you eye on the MyZone app in the morning, virtual group classes will be getting added onto the timetable.

Check out my YouTube channel as there's loads of videos going on each day.

It's great to see you're all keeping active with a walk, run or home workout.


Training Rewarded

The full Spartan500 workout is now on my channel along with each exercise as it;s own little video so you can see what you need to do if you take on the challenge. So far 1 person has signed up for the Spartan500 "Survivor" Training Rewarded Medal.

A few Training Rewarded challenges I would highly recommend at the minute are -

- The Nutbrook 10k

- Moonlight Walk

- Bronze Goddess

- Survivor

They're all achievable from home or using your 1 outdoor activity you can do while in lock down.


Virtual Group Workouts

Keep a look out on MyZone ready for classes. I will set up my laptop so you can see me and the MyZone timer so we can have a group class from our own livingrooms. Just get a Skype account set up, if you've got a webcam you can use your PC/Laptop, or you can use your phone for a video call. I think you can still be involved and type replies if you've not got a camera.



Keep checking back over the next few days and there will be so many more videos including full workouts or a single lap of a HIIT workout for you to repeat 3-4 times.


See you back here for #FoodFriday


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