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Workout Wednesday No.15

Welcome back to #WorkoutWednesday

Resistance Band workout

Something a little different to usual. Really get those glutes activated using a resistance band. I'm using the Sundried Fabric Resistance Band which I know a few of you managed to purchase before they sold out last week. Keep an eye on their website for updated stock levels. don't forget your 50% off with - FRETWELL


3 Squats

Here are three basic squats to try with your resistance band - squat, plié squats and a squat with a step.


3 Glute Exercises

Clamshells, Glute Kickbacks and Fire Hydrants all going the next level with the resistance band.


MZ-Remote (MZBOOM) & Virtual Workouts

There's been a great bunch of you joining the group classes over the last month. The newsletter tomorrow has loads more information but have a glance in advance at what Zoom and MyZone have done with a great new partnership with the FAQs below.

MZ-Remote Instructions for Members
Download PDF • 3.71MB

See you back here for #FoodFriday


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