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Workout Wednesday No.19

Hello again on #WorkoutWednesday

This week you need your medicine balls and google maps!

- Medball Lunge Complex

- Medball Circuit

- Fitness Challenge results and new challenge

- Exercise your social bubble

Have fun


Medball Lunge Complex

A complex superset of 3 different lunges with 3 bonus exercises - Bicep Curl, Shoulder Press & Tricep Extension.


Medball Circuit

1 medball

5 stations

10 exercises in total

Give this workout a blast!


NEW Fitness Challenge

This week you're going to spell your name using street signs!

e.g. for myself I need-


Dale View

Amberley Close

Middleton Road

In the hour hopefully you have enough time to spell your first name and surname.

It's time to get on Google maps!

- You've got a 60 minute time limit.

- Run, Walk, Cycle to streets to spell your name.

- Send me your photos and screenshot of your route by Tuesday 30th. I will create a collage of all your efforts.

- All the results will be in next weeks Workout Wednesday blog along with your next challenge.

Remember to follow social distancing rules while taking on the challenge.


Religious Places Results

Jo and Sian took West Hallam on for the Religious Places challenge and came out victorious. By all accounts a good run turned into an episode of "Challenge Anneka" with a big sprint finish to get the last church in before the hour was up. A fantastic effort from both of you. Bonus points for "Church Lane" street sign which leads nicely into this weeks challenge.

I ran last weeks Pubs Crawl challenge, so this week I slowed it down and walked this one. I still managed to clock up 5.5km and found 8 churches in Ilkeston/Kirk Hallam in the hour.


Exercise Your Household

This is the last one for a few weeks. Exercise the names of everybody in your household, or in your social bubble.


If there's any specific exercise, stretch, workout style you would like to see on my YouTube let me know.

See you back here for #FoodFriday


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