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Workout Wednesday No.21

Hello again on #WorkoutWednesday

This week your legs will need some energy.

- Powerbag Swing

- Leg Complex

- Regressions

- Fitness challenge results

Enjoy your exercise


Powerbag Swing

Got a Powerbag at home but no kettlebells? The swing is now here for your home workouts.


Leg Complex

Short on time but want to give your legs a workout then look below.


Regression videos

Over the last few weeks I've put out loads of different exercises including a few advance moves. Here's the same exercises but the version from your knees.

I've also done the Side Plank Raises, Side Plank Knee to Elbow and Side Plank with Leg Lift all from your knees too.


i-spy mission

I managed to find the images in the challenge of sorts! I couldn't find a stile around Shipley Park because there's access for wheelchairs/pushchairs. I took the selfie once I was home too, as it meant it was after my first post lock down hair cut! I no longer look like i'm related to Boris Johnson.


If there's any specific exercise, stretch, workout style you would like to see on my YouTube let me know.

See you back here for #FoodFriday


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