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Workout Wednesday No.25

Hello again on #WorkoutWednesday

A few different workouts for you this week.

- Suspension Trainer Circuit

- Patreon

- EMOM Workout

Enjoy your exercise


Suspension Trainer Circuit

A really easy suspension trainer workout to work the big muscle groups. Warm Ups, dynamic stretching then do the following.


3-5 sets

20 reps or 60 seconds.

Squats - Video

Hamstring Curl to Glute Bridge

Press Ups - Video

Mid-Row - Video

Side Bends - Video

Plank Jacks

Cool Down and Static Stretching.

Those above without a video will have one soon and I will update the blog with their links.



I'm putting all workouts and polls in August and September available for all! Visit my Patreon to see what's available. There's currently a full HIIT class, Dumbbell Workout, Spartan 500 and polls for what YouTube videos will be next.


EMOM Workout

Give yourself a 5-10 minute warm up and dynamic stretching then enjoy the EMOM below. Do the full 4 minutes on each video then move to the next.

Criss Cross Squats

Rock Back Press Ups


Now enjoy a cool down and static stretch for 5-10 minutes.


EMOM and Legs Bums & Tums coming to YouTube & Patreon soon!

See you back here for #FoodFriday


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