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Workout Wednesday No.27

Hello again on #WorkoutWednesday

2020 Inter-Facility Challenge round 1 results and round 2 match ups.

New Patreon Information

Don't hide in the shadows just lockdown 2, we're a fitness family 24/7. If you're in need of a chat because you're feeling anxious, need help with Skype to join a group class or two so you've still connected with your friends let me know.

Things aren't normal and this year has been an emotional rollercoaster. When you think you've cracked it the next barrier arrives to hold us up all over again. Once again we will come back from this and we will help each other every step of the way.


2020 Inter-Facility Challenge

First Round - done, the winners are 👇

2m rule v Anti-Bac - Winners = 2m Rule

Toilet Roll v Masks - Winners = Toilet Roll

That set of results sets up the following battles in round 2 -

Monday 9th November - Sunday 22nd November

2m Rule v Toilet Roll

Anti-Bac v Masks

How to get your team points? It's all about your MEPs! Your teams average MEPs during the two weeks is what matters. Blue-Red zones count for your MEPs but grey still count towards your monthly total.

Obviously this round is slightly different as we're all in lockdown 2.0 but at the same time it's great as it will give you focus to blast out those home workouts, pick up the pace on brisk dog walks, join Skype group classes or follow the Patreon workout to earn as many MEPs as possible.


Fitness Bingo

I will give you another try on the Fitness Bingo it's all achievable during lockdown 2 looking at the government rules.



It's great to see a couple of people join Patreon and others talking about it this last week. Think of it as a Private Facebook group meeting crowd funding. Only Patrons can access the workout videos, have access to comment on the workouts and join the Discord forum. It's an amazing way to keep connected, keep very active while supporting my business while we're locked out of the studio again.


If you've got any questions let me know


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