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Workout Wednesday No.30

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Hello again on #WorkoutWednesday

Who's up for a big challenge?

377 Miles or 607 KM to be precise!

The other day I trained one client in London and another in Edinburgh and it gave me an idea. As a team or two we're going to see how long it takes us to run, walk, row, ski that distance.

For the cyclists amongst us, it's double the distance to go there and back!


Why not!

RED January has given you a good kick start to the year so hopefully this can keep the momentum going.


Run, Walk, Row or Ski any distance.

When you've finished your activity send me a screenshot from your fitness app and I will add it to your team total.

Share your activities on Instagram or Facebook story, tag me along with #IlsonGlowsticks so I can share your success too.


It starts on Monday 1st Feb, then as a team you have until Sunday 28th Feb to complete as much of the distance as possible.


Message me by Tuesday 26th to let me know you're in.

I will post a blog next Wednesday with all the team news.


If you've got any questions let me know

It's a perfect opportunity to earn a few Training Rewarded medals along the way.

Don't forget the January Special Offers!

Sign up before the end of the month to claim the offer and finish them when you can.


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