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Workout Wednesday No.4

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Welcome back to #WorkoutWednesday

This week I've got links and information around:-

- Warm Up for winter workouts

- Energise your evening workouts

- A few good articles and exercises from Vitality


How to warm up to avoid injury

Are you warming up before you head out on your winter runs and bike rides?

Check out the blog from Sundried about winter training warm ups to avoid injuries.


Re-energise evening workouts

Struggling for energy in the evening after a long day at work? Feel you need to change something to give your workout that little boost? Check out the article on MyProtein with their hints and tips on re-energising your evening workouts.


8 ways to supercharge your walk

Do you want to earn some extra MEPs while walking? Get your heart beating a little faster while on a stroll? Checkout the 8 really easy ways to jazz up your walks.

7 lower body exercises to go into your workouts

Finally, 7 really easy exercises to drop into your home workouts. They’re easy to add in but not necessarily easy to perform well. Let me know which you’ve added into your workouts.


See you back here for #FoodFriday


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