Earn Your Stamps

In Gym Workouts

1 stamp per workout

MZ-Remote Workout

1 stamp per class

Fitness on Demand

Bronze = 1 stamp*

Silver = 5 stamps*

Gold = 10 stamps*

*every month you're in that tier.

Extra Activities

Complete a Training Rewarded Event = 3 stamps

Finish A Treasure Trail purchased from me = 1 stamp


What to do with a full reward card?

You can claim one of the following


Fitness Family

Vests or T-shirts of various sizes and colours.

Fitness Family

Available in various sizes and colours.

A full reward card & £10

MZ-Remote Shoot_Image 1.jpg

MyZone Credits


Receive 4 MyZone credits on your account for booking group sessions.

Enter A Prize Draw 👉

All prize draws are done at random and results posted on social media.

29th September 2021


Fitness Family Hoodie

30th December 2021

20 MyZone Credits

30th March 2022

4 week Blast TrueCoach Plan