Reward Card

How to earn stamps


Group Class = 1 stamp

Complete a Training Rewarded Event = 3 stamps

Finish Treasure Trail purchased from me = 1 stamp

A block of 12 Personal Training Sessions = 1 fully stamped card

A block of 26 Personal Training Sessions = 2 fully stamped cards

What Can I do with a full Reward Card?

Claim one of the following -

- 4 MyZone Credits for Group Classes

- A free Ilson Glowsticks Mug (see below)

- A free Ilson Glowsticks T-shirt* or Vest* (see below)

- Try to win a prize.

*First top is free, any tops after that are a full reward card + £5.


Ilson Glowsticks


Available in Vests or T-shirts of various sizes and colours.

 Ilson Glowsticks


Only 4 mugs left!


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