Reward Points


In the Gym Workouts

1 point per workout

MZ-Remote Sessions

1 point per class

Fitness on Demand

Crew & Challenger = 1 point*

Quick Blast & Quick Blast + = 5 points*

Supreme & Ultra = 10 points*

*every month you're in that tier.

Extra Activities

Complete a Training Rewarded Event = 3 points

Finish A Treasure Trail purchased from me = 1 point

How to earn your points


Once you've earned 20 points you can claim one of the following options -

A free Fitness Family T-shirt or Vest

4 MyZone Credits

A voucher for £15 off a Fitness Family Hoodie

Or enter one of the quarterly prize draws with a chance of winning either -

20 MyZone Credits

A PT on Demand 4 week plan

What are the points for?