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Group Exercise

What is Group Exercise?

Structured and enjoyable workouts with your fitness friends

Limited people per class for a fun & intimate atmosphere

Utilising the equipment in my private gym

Workouts adjusted to match your ability

Book classes using credits on MyZone

Group Exercise Classes

Cardio Club - Book your spot on a piece of CV kit to earn your MEPs and get a sweat on.

1- Assault Bike, 2 - BikeErg, 3- Rower, 4 - SkiErg

Cardio Core Circuit - 50/50 split of Cardio exercises with Ab, Oblique, Lower Back and Glute exercises.

FIT - Functional Interval Training, 1km CV intervals with functional exercises.

Cardio Circuit - Out and out cardio exercises in a circuit to get your heart rate going.

Full Body Circuit Training - A full body workout with a mixture of resistance and cardio.

Pad work HIIT Circuit - Pad work combinations mixed with High Intensity Exercises

HIIT Circuit - High Intensity Interval Training - 4 minute high tempo circuits, 20 sec exercise, 10 sec recovery

Group Class Timetable

Group Class Timetable (2).png

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