Personal Training

Before any Personal Training sessions start I always offer a free consultation which allows you to see my studio and the equipment you will be using along with meeting myself.

We will fill in a PAR-Q form and I will give you a few nutritional diaries to complete.

For Private Small Group Training (2-6 people) please message me for more information. 



Weight, height, BMI, body fat %, visceral fat and circumference measurements.

MyZone set up.

Nutritional diary.




12 x 1-2-1 sessions

MyZone MZ-3 Activity Tracker

Workout Logbook 

Nutritional Diaries

Pre-stamped reward card.



12 x 1-2-1 sessions

Pre-stamped reward card

Nutritional diaries.



26 x 1-2-1 sessions

2 x Pre-stamped reward cards

Nutritional diaries.



What will you do?

The sessions are there for you to use as you please with my guidance. If you enjoy weight training, cardio, pad work, functional training the sessions will be tailored to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Any adaptations?

If you require any adaptations due to pregnancy, lower back pain, obesity and diabetes that fine. If i'm qualified in it the session will flow as normal with suitable exercises for you personally.

Reward Card

How to earn stamps

A block of 12 sessions = 1 fully stamped card

A block of 26 sessions = 2 fully stamped cards

All group sessions = 1 stamp

Training Rewarded Events = 3 stamps

Completed Treasure Trails = 1 stamp

What Can I do with a full Reward Card?

Claim one of the following -

- 4 MyZone Credits for Group Classes

- A free Ilson Glowsticks Mug

- A free Ilson Glowsticks T-shirt or Vest

- Try to win a prize.


Contact Me

Text - 07999844559     Email -​