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Changes to AFPT Online

Changes coming to AFPT Online to make your online fitness experience easier and save me around £400 per year.

From December you won't need the Fit by Wix app any more. Everything will be directly on my website (PC and Mobile version) All content will be with a "guest log in" which I will message to clients each month.

It means no extra apps, just go to my website type in the password and crack on with your exercise.

What is AFPT Online about?

Helping you keep active between sessions in my gym.

Monthly Challenges

There will be a few changes to the Health & Fitness Challenges to help keep you motivated to focused each month.

I will keep mixing up the MyZone Challanges each month giving focus to different zones, competing against each other or giving yourself a big individual challenge. You will recieve the invite in the MyZone app to join or reject every challenge.

Going forward the challenges will be available to all active clients for free.


Follow Along Workouts

There will be 6 x 20-30 minute videos each month to play as many times as you like each month.

Home Workout Plans

I'm putting the finishing touches on the first 3 volumes of home workout plans. They will be PDFs to download with exercise demos and a mini log to keep track of your weights.

Live Online Classes

These will be scheudeld on Zoom and the link will be on my website for you to access for any of the online classes you wish to join.

£10 per month or £100 for a year (This is included in PT & SGPT Packages).


Online Personal Training

This is a new service coming soon, 3 months of workout plans to do at home or in a gym. The plans will be personalised to your available equipment and aims. You will get an email link to Google Sheets with your workouts, this way we can both access it to log weights lifted, workout dates, demo videos and more.

Starting from £150



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24 de nov. de 2023

Sounds good!

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