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February Challenge - Updates

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Hey fitness family,

Both teams are on the move! I will update this blog every couple of days with the latest totals.

Team 1

Adam - Lexie - Nat - Rob - Sam S

Sian - Soph

Team 2

Christine - James - Jess - Jo - Jo 7 - Paul - Sarah

To reach the target of 607km by the end of the month we need to average around a half marathon every day as a team. Team totals so far -


Team 1 - 49.5km

Team 2 - 33.5km


Team 1 - 99km

Team 2 - 115km


Team 1 - 178km

Team 2 - 178km

Both teams are level at the time of posting the blog and we're near enough at Grantham at the minute. We're also a day a head of schedule now thanks to a very active weekend.


Team 1 - 201.5km

Team 2 - 200.5km


Team 1 - 265.5km

Team 2 - 250.5km


Team 1 - 313km

Team 2 - 329km


Team 1 - 374km

Team 2 - 419.5km

(315km is on target at this point, so both teams are 3 to 4 days a head of target.)


Team 1 - 461.5km

Team 2 - 493.5km Top 4 individual contributors so far - Sam, Sarah, Adam, Jo7.

At the rate we're going both teams could be finished by Sunday. Don't worry the next step to this challenge is already planned.


Team 1 - 513km (94km left)

Team 2 - 566.5km (40.5km left)

I can see the 607km target for both teams being passed by the next update on Sunday evening. If we both have I will let you know the next target.


Team 1 - 579km (28km left)

Team 2 - 664km

With team 2 finishing London to Edinburgh and Team 1 almost there here's the next two distances that both teams are working together to reach before the end of the month.

Lands' End to John o Groats = 1307km

London to Edinburgh to Cardiff to London = 1425km

Team 1 and Team 2 combined are currently on 1234km so both of the distances are easily achievable by the end of the month.


Team 1 - 608km

Team 2 - 683km

Both teams have now reached Edinburgh, congratulations.

Next Targets

Lands' End to John o Groats = 16km to go

London to Edinburgh to Cardiff to London = 134km to go

Will we hit both bonus targets by Sunday evening?

Challenge Completed! The primary target - London to Edinburgh has been completed by both team.

The two secondary targets have now been finished by the two teams combined.

As it stands the 14 of us have covered 1427km in 25 days and 9 hours.

Congratulations to all 14 of us, and you can now enjoy your weekend workouts knowing the challenge is done.

If you want to join in the March Challenges you've got until lunchtime Sunday to get signed up. 👇


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