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MZ-Remote update

You may have noticed your MyZone app has done a little update and "Online" classes have vanished off the timetable.

Not only have the MyZone classes like Beach Yoga and Cardio with Billy gone but so have my Online classes like Legs Bums & Tums and E2MOM.

This is because MyZone have changed how facility owners can use the features and unfortunately it isn't financially possible to keep the feature when it will now cost me £150+vat per month on top of my current monthly MyZone licence.

MZ-Remote was a life saver during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns allowing us to stay connected and working out from home. But it looks like it's time to move on and try something new.

I'm currently figuring out how I can add Legs Bums & Tums and E2MOM as "Live" classes to the Fit by Wix app. This way your on Demand membership will include all "follow along" workouts and online "live" workouts making your on Demand membership even better value.

For now, anybody who wishes to join Friday E2MOM at 8:10am or Monday mornings Legs Bums & Tums 8:00am use the below Zoom link and I will manually deduct your credits after.

Meeting ID: 914 800 6739

Passcode: AFPT


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