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Halloween Training Rewarded Events

Earn your Training Rewarded Medals this Halloween, Tuesday 31st October.

Ghost Run - Run a minimum of 5km on Halloween. £8 entry and £2 goes to Cancer Research UK.

Spooky - A minimum of 5km any way you can on Halloween, £8 entry and £2 goes to Treetops Hospice.

Spooky can be walking, running, cycling, coming in the gym and blasting out a 5km on the rower.

There's limited entries left with only 3 Ghost Run and 8 Spooky (at time of posting this blog). Get yourself signed up now before it's too late.

Don't forget your post event Wall of Fame selfies -

Ghost Run = Witches hat selfie,

Spooky = The Spookiest photo you can get, if it's some decorations or using a scary selfie filter.

Training Rewarded are virtual events by AFPT, if Halloween isn't your cup of tea have a look at all the other events you can join and the medals you can earn.


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