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July Challenges

MyZone Challenge

Your July MyZone Challenge is a team event. Hopefully you all click accept otherwise it gets harder for everybody else.

Can we earn a combined 30,000 MEPs in July of Green, Yellow & Red MEPs?

That's the challenge, will you be a team player and work your socks off?

June Competition Winners - JulieS, RobRoy & MicHeato

Let me know which group exercise class you wish to attend in the next few weeks and I will get it booked in for you.

Group Class Timetable

Monday - VIIT 5:30-6:00pm, Cardio Core 6:10-6:50pm

Tuesday - Open Gym 10:20-11:20am, Cardio 6:30-7:10pm

Wednesday - Full Body Circuit Training 6:50-7:35pm

Thursday - Open Gym 10:20-11:20am

Friday - HIIT Circuits 5:30-6:00pm


Health & Fitness Challenges

I'm currently updating all the Health & Fitness Challenges and will have them available in the gym printed or online versions for you to download or complete on the Fit by Wix app.

I'm aiming to get 12 challenges created so you can pick one a month to help you work towards your goals.

This means if you know nutrition is your weakness take on a nutrition challenge, if you know pushing yourself with some home workouts is a struggle take on the exercise challenges. If you just need a little bit of encouragement with everything take on the duel challenges.


If you've got any questions let me know.

Fancy pushing yourself with month with a Training Rewarded Event?

Can you take on the Gold Torch?

150 miles in the month but only using 1 method, your choice if you run, walk, cycle, jeff, swim.

A £2 donation will be made to Treetops Hospice Care for completing this event.

150 miles too much to start with? Give the Bronze (50 miles) and Silver (100 miles) Torch events a try.


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