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Medal Monday No.17

Loads of achievements this Medal Monday to tell you about.

  • Jess with a brilliant medal

  • Sam Smashing her 5000 MEPs

  • Danny Finishing another big walking month

  • Nat and Jesse taking on a great virtual 5km.


Run To Infinity

Another brilliant medal from MedalMad to perfectly match the other Toy Story medal I've got. This one was meant to be a run with Jess but due to lock down we ran in different locations on different days to fit around the weird life that was lock down.

Yes it's a stock photo as I was a bit daft and posted both medals to Jess rather than keeping mine. It kind of summed up that lock down feeling.


MEP Master!

Sam has now joined Mark with the titles of MEP Master and MEP Smasher after he latest Training Rewarded success.

As we went into lock down Sam finished her third month in a row of 3000+ MEPs to earn her MEP Smasher medal. Now as we slowly exit lock down she's gone the next level with her MEPs and earned the MEP Master with 5000+ MEPs in a month.

Well done Sam amazing work.


Walking through 2020 in style

Danny has finished his next month of epic walking with 300+km in July. Not satisfied just yet he's jumping straight into the Summer Trails Challenge. This month he's upping the anti and only walks in his walking boots count towards the required distance.

Keep an eye out on his Instagram for loads of great walking photos.

👈 click the image to see.


Rainbow Run for Derby & Burton Hospital Charity

Nat & Jesse took on the Virtual Rainbow Run 5km over the weekend. It was Jesses first 5km so he deserves a big round of applause for his amazing running. It was all in aid of Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity. If you wish to donate let me know as Nat's got a sponsorship form for their effort.


Which Training Rewarded challenge are you going to try?

Check out the Wall of Fame to see what your friends have achieved.

Don't forget to send me your medal selfies so I can share your fitness achievements.


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