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Workout Wednesday - February Challenge

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Hey fitness family,

It's time to see who's in your team for the big challenge. There's 14 of us signed up so I've split you into two well matched teams.

Team 1

Adam - Lexie - Nat - Rob - Sam S

Sian - Soph

Team 2

Christine - James - Jess - Jo - Jo 7 - Paul - Sarah

Start - Monday 1st Feb

Ends - Sunday 28th Feb or when your team reaches the total distance.

When you've finished a run, walk, row send me a screenshot so I can add your distance to the team total. If you want send me a selfie so I can show off your PBs, muddy falls, or post run sweaty smiles on my Instagram story. Fingers crossed we get some nice weather and can all enjoy the fresh air.

It works out if each team members covers a half marathon each week you reach your target on the 28th. If you go above and beyond that you will finish before the end of the month.



Please ensure sure you're following the government lockdown exercise guidelines 👇

"You should minimise time spent outside your home, but you can leave your home to exercise. This should be limited to once per day, and you should not travel outside your local area.

You can exercise in a public outdoor place:

  • by yourself

  • with the people you live with

  • with your support bubble (if you are legally permitted to form one)

  • in a childcare bubble where providing childcare

  • or, when on your own, with 1 person from another household

This includes but is not limited to running, cycling, walking, and swimming. Personal training can continue if participants are from the same household or support bubble. It can also continue if it is one-on-one, although this should only take place in a public outdoor place, and not in someone’s private home or garden."


If you've got any questions let me know

It's a perfect opportunity to earn a few Training Rewarded medals along the way.

Don't forget the January Special Offers!

Your last few days to claim the offer and finish them when you can.


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