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A very late spring clean

It's almost October and I'm starting a big AFPT spring clean. To help streamline all aspects of my business I'm having a big declutter.


MyZone - I have noticed there are a few users I no longer see in the gym for various reasons along with others who no longer use their MyZone belts.

If you no longer use your account let me know and I will delete it for you.

If you use your account but you can't get to the gym let me know and I can send you a link to join my Online Community or I can move your account to the generic MyZone UK "gym".


Facebook - I'm deactivating my old Adam Fretwell PT Facebook profile and will only be using the AFPT business page going forward.

I am also creating a few Facebook Groups on the page -

AFPT Online - For the Online Community to chat and ask questions about Follow along workouts, online training plans etc.

Training Rewarded - To support and celebrate all the amazing Training Rewarded events you take on.

MyZone - A group to chat about the MyZone Challenges, the next status your working towards and any updates to the app I need to let you know about.

More groups will follow as the Facebook page grows.


The aim for this "Spring Clean" is to help me keep on top of admin a lot easier, produce better content to keep you engaged and exercising in & out of the gym.

If you've got any questions let me know.


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