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A big AFPT Catch Up

Hello Fitness Family here's a long over due catch up.

It feels like forever since Covid-19 arrived and turned everything we thought was normal on its head. I know there have been new jobs, new relationships, weddings, families growing, people moving out of the area and much more happening in the last 2-3 years. Throw in the Covid-19 hangover straight into the cost of living crisis and it's easy to see how the last few years have vanished.

I know with all of the above changes some of you have become very independent when it comes to your exercise, or exercise might have taken a back seat in life. So here's a little reminder of all of the services I offer and feel free to message me if you have any questions about how I can help you return to the gym or get upgrade your home workouts.


Group Classes

Monday - 5:30-6:00pm - VIIT Circuits

Monday - 6:10-6:50pm - Cardio Core Super Sets

Tuesday - 10:20-11:20am - Open Gym

Tuesday - 6:30-7:10pm - Cardio Circuits

Wednesday - 6:50-7:35pm - Full Body Circuit Training

Thursday - 10:20-11:20am - Open Gym

Friday - 5:30-6:00pm - HIIT Circuits

  • Classes are priced to make them affordable at 3 or 4 Credits (£3 or £4)

  • They're limited to 8 participants so it's a friendly and relaxed atmosphere

  • Book your classes in the MyZone app up to 2 weeks in advance


Small Group Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training or SGPT is a new service I offer. SGPT is cost effective Personal Training where you follow your personalised workout plans with up to 4 of you in the gym. There are currently 9 SGPT slots on the timetable each week with more to be added soon.

  • Price starts from £150 for 12 session which can be split into 3 payments

  • A maximum of 4 people per session

  • Flexible booking in the MyZone app to work around your work/life balance


Personal Training

Personal Training either 1-2-1 or 2-2-1 is better than ever. From humble beginnings in my Mum & Dads garage to my private gym at EVGC. Work towards your goals with your personalised workout plans and enjoy full access to my on Demand platform to keep you active between sessions.

  • Price starts from £270 for 12 sessions which can be split into 3 payments

  • No need to feel anxious or worried about your exercise in my Private gym to work towards your goals

  • Keep yourself focused with an hour each week to look after yourself!


AFPT on Demand

Join my online community on the Fit by WIX app. Cast your vote in the monthly Mobility Finisher, join the Group Chats about Park Run, Home Grown Veggies, Healthy Meals, and more.

  • Live online workouts

  • Home Workout Plans

  • Follow along workouts

Social Membership £5 per month

AFPT on Demand Membership £10 per month


Training Rewarded

The Events are Virtual but the Medals are Real! From 5km walk to 1000km running. Big Spartan Workouts to Multi-discipline challenges.

£2 from every Training Rewarded Event goes to one of the following charities -

Alzheimer's Society

Cancer Research UK


Miscarriage Association

TreeTops Hospice


Loyalty Points & Reward Cards

Loyalty Points - Earn online loyalty points for your online actives on the Fit by WIX app. The more points you earn the more discounts or free gifts you unlock.

Unlock 20 bonus points for every friend you refer to the AFPT on Demand Membership.

Follow the link below for the full points breakdown


Reward Cards - Every session you attend in the gym gets a stamp on your Reward Card. Once your card is full you can get a free group class, a free fitness accessory, AFPT T-shirt or Vest or a choice of MyProtein products.


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